Makara Sankranti Til Recipes

Who do not like special recipes on the day of Makar Sankranti. Recipes made from sesame seeds, also known as til, are special on sankranti. Some of the recipes that can be made are til polis, til burfi, til laddu and til papadi. Check out these below to make your Sankranti special and memorable.

Til polis:

Ingredients needed are:
One cup Til
One cup of sugar or powdered jaggery
Maida or Aata for polis
Ghee or oil for frying

The Procedure: Roast til in a can and take 1:1 ratio of roasted til and jaggery. Make this as fine powder in a blender. This is called til gud. Prepare dough with maida or aata or wheat. Make small balls and spread them in shape of small cups. Fill the powder of til gud into these cups. Now spread them as you spread aata for puris. Take care that the powder doesnt spills out. Fry them in ghee or oil just as you do for puris. Sweet til polis are ready to serve.

Til Burfi:

Ingredients needed are:

One cup til
One can condensed milk
Half stick butter
One cup jaggery
One cup milk powder

The Procedure: Roast the sesame seeds until they are brown. Make the fine powder of the roasted seeds in a grinder. Heat and melt the jaggery till it looks sweet watery liquid. Mix the above powder with milk powder and butter. Add this mixture in the liquid jaggery in a glass dish. Microwave this mixture for 3 minutes. Stir the mixture and again microwave for 3 minutes. Prepare a tray by greasing it with butter. Remove the mixture from microwave and let it cool till it becomes thick. Spread this on the greased tray and let it cool further. Cut in squares and this is called til burfi.

Til Laddus:

Ingredients needed are:

One cup Til
Two cups Jaggery
Half a cup Peanuts
Four to five teaspoon of Ghee
About half cup Water

The Procedure: Roast the sesame seeds until they are brown. Dry roast the peanuts also. Make the fine powder of the roasted seeds and peanuts in a grinder. Prepare the jaggery water in kadhai. Add ghee and the powder. Mix well. Now grease your hands and make the laddus of desired shape. You can also prepare the laddus adding peanut powder and roasted til into the melted jaggery. Til laddus are ready to serve.

Til Papadi

Ingredients needed are:

200 to 250 gms of til
Five to six thinly sliced Pistachios
150 gms Sugar

The Procedure: Roast the sesame seeds until they are light brown. Take a pan and melt sugar in it. Add til to the melted sugar and mix it well. Transfer this pan by keeping it a large bowl of hot water. Take little mixture and make it flat with the help of a rolling pan. Keep few slices of pista on the top of the spread matter. Smear rolling pin and work on the surface. Take a neat plastic sheet and keep the roll on it. Allow it to cool. Upon cooling you can separate the papadis with the squares of plastic. Till papadi is ready to serve.

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